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    Some Other bunch of rules

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    default Some Other bunch of rules

    Post by Seto Kaiba on Sun Dec 13, 2009 5:49 pm

    Normal Rules :

    * Don't spam or make any "SPAM
    TOPICS", be active and read all the following rules.
    * Respect your friends and as soon as you join to DFA
    ask for a test .
    * If you don't wanna to take a test you can't Join any tournaments, wars or competitions.
    * If you
    need and help put a topic in our support section.

    Must Read :

    * Be ACTIVE.
    * If you are inactive without giving a reason, you may be considered inactive and cant log in DO NOT join the academy if you will not be active.
    * Dont spam for every spam -20 Pts and for every double post without a good reason -20 Pts.

    * SHOW RESPECT to Admins, Mods, Testers AND
    users members. If you have a complain, formally send it in PM to an

    * Signatures Rules :
    - Signatures Maximum size is5 00x500
    - If its more put it in a spoiler.. ONLY 2 signatures are
    - You may advertise through your signature.

    Now 4 Punishing :

    If we see that you are not obeying the rules
    we will give you a Warning:

    Warning: Nothing Happens
    2nd Warning: We will take half of your DP
    Warning: /Ban 2 Days
    all of your DP)
    4th Warning: Ban for 7 days

    5th Warning: IP BAN

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